A Cause for Concern

An email has hit my junk mail box today.  I was about to throw it in the trash until I saw the headline  Save the Arctic.

In a time where they seem to be all but giving petrol away (recently dropped from over £2 a litre to under £1), and the recent promise by heads of state to do all in their power to reduce Global Warming, plans are coming to light that drilling for oil will take place in the Arctic.  Why, with our infinite intellects, are we still relying on this type of fuel.

I don’t understand.  I don’t understand why we keep plundering this beautiful Earth and it’s fragile resources.  I don’t understand why we have promises to help Earth by reducing global warming, saving our own existence as well as the plant and animal life around the World.  We’ve just had some of the worst flooding in history in the UK due to changing warmer weather conditions.

I don’t understand the arrogance of these keepers of the Earth and their total disregard.  They are destroying the only thing able to sustain us.

I just don’t understand ..

6 thoughts

  1. This is a touchy subject with me. What are we supposed to use to power jet aircraft? Rubber bands? And cars, with compressed air? The geologic record proves beyond any doubt that Earth has warmed and cooled thousands of times over the millennia.

    Any warming of the planet is due to Earths natural cycles. Global warming today is used as a political tool for the personal gains of a select few as a means to control the populations of nations.

    If GW were to actually exist it would only exist as a natural phenomenon of Earth doing what is was designed to do.


      1. That was an inadequate description for me to say your work is enlightening (which it is). Emotive, thought provoking. It also made me blush which I haven’t done in a long time!

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