‘He who loves has conquered the world and has no fear of losing anything.  True love is an act of total surrender’   –   Paulo Coelho


On this day of celebrating Love there will be many who, for one reason or another, will be struggling to take part.  Not out of being meanspirited, not because they don’t have people to love, or the lack of those to love them back.

Simple really isn’t it?   Open up your kind and loving heart and let that warmth wash over everyone and everything.  Your pool of love is not in short supply, you don’t have to ration it or save it for a ‘special occasion’.  Neither do you have to receive love first before you return it.  There will be those you don’t think deserve your love – I can think of a few myself.  Perhaps they need love more than most.

Today I would like to send my special love to Family and Friends, especially my Brother who is brave and courageous and such a lovely human being.

For those of you who have found that happy state of endless flowing love – I salute you, send you my love, and hope to join you soon.

For those still turning the love tap on and off  – I send you my love, and the below (excuse the language) inspiration ..




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      1. She’s been away since before turn of the year but I have flown to Virginia to see her. It’s been so hard. No banner, just my stepson and I at the airport. Flowers and cards are at home! 🙂

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      2. It will be enough that you are there to meet her. One of the things I have on my List of Joy is being met at the airport after a trip away, so great to see loved ones waiting for you when you land back home. I miss that ..


    1. It’s below freezing here and snow keeps trying to make an appearance. Sorry you aren’t with your loved one to keep you cosy but hope you had a great day and your gift from her warmed the cockles of your heart 🙂

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  1. Thank you Big Sis for the very kind words. Any bravery and courage that I have comes from the kindness of those closest to me, without them by my side I would be half the man I am today. BIG HUG x

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