Happy Hygge!

No, I’ve no idea how to pronounce it either but the spirit of Hygge sounds like something that could get me through these next 2 months of Winter.

Practiced by the fine people of Denmark – who, by the way, are regularly reported to be the happiest people on the planet despite paying some of the highest taxes in the World.

Hygge is based on simple pleasures – keep warm and cosy (candlelight, open fires and snuggly socks and jumpers – keeps down the gas and electric bills!), wholesome comfort food (start the diet in Spring), sharing good times with friends (human and the furry kind).   Doesn’t sound too difficult does it.

With no comparative word in English for Hygge here are a few ideas as to what gets the Danes through their long, dark Winter and keeps them smiling


Hope you find your Hygge .. I’m off to buy more candles



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