Have a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T


‘No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent’  –  Eleanor Roosevelt

I was always taller than most.  At school I towered over the boys and had what some would ‘kindly’ call an athletic body shape.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been told I’d ‘make a good swimmer with those shoulders’, and the size of my hands and feet have been commented on.

Well the Universe delivered me in the body I have and so far it’s been amazing – strong, flexible and healthy.  It protects me through life and has dealt with hard challenges, I’ve been more than grateful for my feet holding me up and propelling me safely forward when all I wanted to do was stay curled up on the floor.  And hands that have held  my shaking body and given me comfort – they have also held others who were suffering and in turmoil.  Isn’t there a saying about we all get what we need, maybe something knew I’d be knocked off balance on more than one occasion and needed these gifts to steady myself with.

My body deserves to not be mocked or commented on negatively.  I don’t grab hold of bits and moan about how I would prefer this or that, my mind and body is listening and soaking things up like a small child would.  I show it love and respect and endeavour to treat it well so it wants to stay around and keep working for me.

I’m currently enthralled in the TV series Love Island – I’m thinking of it as a social experiment!  A few nights ago one of the female characters got very upset as all the boys saw her as a friend to go talk to but not date, they were all entranced by another girl with very obvious attributes and a healthy interest in lovemaking.  The interaction between the two girls made my heart ache, as one sobbed that no boy seemed to appreciate a strong, confident woman ..  the other explained that she didn’t know if they honestly liked her for herself or for her enhanced boobs, veneers and easy attitude to lovemaking (her words were a bit earthier than this but you get my drift).  While I appreciate the environment they are in is unreal, the pain going on there is most definitely not.

This week a male acquaintance told me ‘ don’t take offence, but you have hands like a man’ – why would I not be offended!  It was throwing my femininity in to question.   Others may think it but at least have the respect not to say it aloud, or even believe it matters.  Perhaps age has taught me that the problem belongs to the insensitive one, not me.

It takes some personal work until you can feel secure enough to not feel inferior, but once you’ve attained it no-one can take it away  ..


3 thoughts

  1. It has taken me a lot of self-discovery to not want to grab parts of my body and wish it was ‘less chunky’. I am now at peace with my body and have realised this is the body I’m meant to have – I just wish I could have been comfortable with this notion years ago! We are pretty amazing as humans aren’t we 🙂


    1. It’s taken me years too Lucy, what a lot of wasted time and energy. It’s a shame we only seem to realise how precious it is once we get older and we’re just grateful for every day we wake up and it’s still working. It’s the only home we have x


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