Planning for Spontaneity

I trashed the original post meant for this morning.  Written in angst, a flood of frustration and an outpouring of whining that had whipped me up in to a frenzy.  After a lengthy phone conversation with the guru that is my Brother, I’d formed a loose idea on how to get myself out of this fug.

I need to plan some spontaneity!

It seems a bit of a contradiction that spontaneity should take any planning at all.  Not that long ago I’d drive off to the coast on a whim in the early hours to watch the sunrise with nothing more than my camera and a hastily packed bacon sandwich.  I think I need a bit more than that nowadays so as my ‘guru’ suggested  “pack a bag, a bit like expectant mothers keep for dashing off to hospital with”!

So I’ve put some thought in to it ..  ok I need to prune that down, I’m not hiking the Himalayas (or perhaps I am!!).  Try again –

  • journal and pen
  • camera – with batteries fully charged
  • a flask of something warm, and crackers/cookies/bacon sandwich
  • a blanket to lay on and watch clouds and stars
  • sat nav ..  and a mapbook!
  • waterproofs and dry socks – this is England after all
  • a jacket with pockets to fill with seashells, pebbles and other treasure
  • torch .. not sure why but it seems the right thing to do.  Oh and matches for the same reason
  • Harvey ..  no Harvey, get out of that bag!!  Leave the crackers alone

That will suffice for now.  This spontaneity is wearing me out and I need a lie down.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you have an adventure!




9 thoughts

    1. Ha, no. I wish that was me in the photo. Come on John, us fifty somethings need to get out more – having said that you seem to be a bit of an adventurer climbing in the desert and walking 🙂

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      1. I’d be out there much more except for the body not allowing it. Lower back screaming just now. Ouch! You look sweet in your avatar. ❤️

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      1. I will try as well! My daughter is home on spring break and returns to school this Sunday, so it will be a bit melancholy… but it was nice to have her home. 🙂


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