Slow Living

“Make what you most need to find”

Since my Summer amongst the flowers I’ve taken a break from looking for work and started to explore being more creative.  I made a new website for my photography and joined Instagram.  I submitted work to a gallery and it won me a shared exhibition next year – they are even putting my winning photograph on the front of their January magazine.

The thing that’s occurred to me is I want to live the life I want to photograph.  I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else but me ..

A life lived slowly, in calm, in stillness, in the small details.   I’m not in a position to move house but I can make more of where and how I live – even something as small as buying a lovely table and chair so I can sit and eat a homemade meal infront of the window that overlooks the garden.  Light a candle, use good crockery and glassware, take time.   In moments of frustration my mantra was I just want to grow roses, raise chickens and bake cakes so maybe it’s time now to do these things.  Find stillness, make art.  Plant more roses!!

photography by Deb Fletcher
photography by Deb Fletcher

Slow living may not be for everyone, it may take getting to a certain age before you think stuff it I’ve earned the right to live a more considered existence, it may take the loss of contemporaries as a reminder life’s short.  I’ve realised I no longer need a big life just something small, cosy and flower filled will do.  Something that would hopefully make a nice piece of art ..




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    1. Hey John, you’ve taken some fabulous mountain shots recently! Shame about your IG account. I’m ok, having a mixed run up to Christmas but hoping this next week will prove calmer and can enjoy the big day. Looks like you had a good time back ‘home’ with the family, sounds like life is blossoming for you xx

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      1. Hi Deb! Yes, life is getting better these days and I’m much happier these days. Thanks for the nice compliment on my landscape images, landscape seems to be what I like best. I really like IG but made the mistake of responding to a DM. The trolls creeped me out so bad I decided to kill the account. I have considered creating a Smug Mug page or maybe what you did which is better.

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      2. Just go to and pick a template you like. It was quite straightforward, I paid a bit extra to take their advertising off and to get a personalised domain name. Sounds like hard work but it wasn’t – good job as I’m not technically minded at all! I think Youtube have some tutorials about setting up Wix websites as well

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  1. A beautiful photo Deb; I’m loving my new digital SLR camera and wish I made more time to explore with it (Oh! for more time -I need to work at that!) My son gave me a tripod for Christmas and I haven’t even had much time to play with that – we’ve been moving house and I’ve been establishing a new job too. Hopefully 2017 will settle down for us now. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos.


    1. Hi Lucy, thanks very much. Hopefully you can find a bit of time when you come over to London for your Dad’s ceremony. Looking forward to seeing some photos of the day, you must be so proud of him xx


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