Searching for Eden

There is a school of thought that since Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden we’ve spent much of our time either searching for it, or trying to re-create it.

At the beginning of each year I promise myself that this is the year that I’ll have my perfect garden, my own piece of Eden  ..  packed full of flowers, scent, bees and butterflies, and birdsong.  As most gardeners know, perfection is never achieved. Where’s the fun in that! There are always patches that need tweaking, plants that need moving.  That orange flower that suddenly appears in your border of white and leaves you bemused at how the heck it got there!

I was so late planting seeds and cuttings this year, what with the desperately awful winter and spring weather, and a somewhat personally challenging beginning to the new year. Now, I have a greenhouse bursting at the seams with seedlings and a garden that has conveniently decided to fill in all the gaps and leave me no space!  All those years ( and expense) of cramming plants in has finally paid off.

photography by Deb Fletcher

Gardens can be emotional spaces, a place of hope, calm and serenity.  They are planted as a celebration, in remembrance, dedicated to journeys through adversity, somewhere to evoke memories.  Or simply as a haven to wander through with a glass of wine or cup of coffee ..

Whether you have a window box, or a garden the size of Chatsworth, I hope you find your little piece of Eden there.

photography by Deb Fletcher
photography by Deb Fletcher

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  1. I was only thinking just the other day how I miss that wonderful sense of achievement and satisfaction when you’ve spent the whole day working in the garden. Sadly I’ve had to give up a big garden as my back can’t take the strain anymore – i miss that.

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    1. I’m not sure how much longer my aching bones will be able to keep up with a 7 hour stretch in the garden. I never mean to spend that long but just lose all sense of time. Maybe I should start looking for a courtyard size patch to plant up instead ..


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